Home Again, Home Again

I am back in the good ol, US of A – just in time for the 4th of July!  While part of me is happy to be back in my own bed and not living out of a suitcase, there is definitely a part of me that is sad I won’t be waking up in another country.  I had a great time and I will be sharing pictures (and pictures and pictures) of my travels.

So what am I up to now?  Well, first is finding a job.  Interspersed with exploring St Louis (finally).  I’ve got a few leads on jobs and I’ll keep you posted.  I’m a little concerned about the rejections coming, the interviews, and making the right decision.  I’m hopeful that when the right job comes along I’ll know it (and not panic and just take the first job offered, unless of course that is the right job!).  Did you know I am a worrier?

I’ve also got Rock ‘N’ Roll Chicago coming up!!  Ack!  I’m tempted to drop down to the 10K but we’ll see.  It most likely won’t be my best performance but I’ve got a friend doing it as well so that should help.

I’ll leave you with a picture for now.



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