And the search goes on

The job search that is.  Otherwise known as how I spent my summer off.  But with some fun mixed in as well.  While I knew this was going to be an endeavor and wouldn’t necessarily happen right away, there was a small part of me that thought it would all come together and the perfect job would find me and I wouldn’t even miss a beat.  That’s the way it happens in the movies and I’m so a Disney Princess.  Right?

Job searching is a lot like dating.  Weeding through the potentials until one catches your eye and you think maybe, just maybe, there could be some chemistry.  We seem compatible, why don’t we get to know each other?  The application is sent in.

A match is made – you are interested and they are interested so of course you must meet.  Here comes the first date (interview) jitters.  Will they like me?  Will I like them?  Will I say the right thing?  What should I wear?  (Even with a phone interview, the right outfit can help with my confidence!)

You progress past the first interview.  You think its gone well and you wait.  Wait and dissect every aspect – did I say the right thing?  Why did I say that?  Why didn’t I remember to say that?  Are they going to call?  Seriously, I said that?  They aren’t going to call.  No, no, no, they are going to call.

The call.  Perhaps for another date?  Perhaps for another date, but first they’d like to play the field a bit to see who else is out there.  Or perhaps to say thanks, but no thanks and the search begins again.

But while you wait, you start to dream.  I think I can do the job.  I totally can do the job.  I am going to rock this job.  If you are like me, and looking elsewhere you start picturing yourself in your new city.  I think I can live there.  Oh, think of the new running routes!  And restaurants!  And you start searching neighborhoods and apartments.  Don’t forget races!  You’ve completely pictured your new life, starting with accepting your new job.  Which of course will happen any day now.

Then comes the dreaded it’s not you, its me.  Or it actually is you, your experience isn’t quite what we wanted or we found a better candidate.  Just like that, the new life you had been imagining is gone.

There may be a sigh, or tears, or ice cream, or all of the above depending on how far and the depth of your dreaming.  The rejection stings.  Sometimes it more than stings.

All that’s left is to dust yourself off and pick up the classifieds again.

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4 Responses to And the search goes on

  1. Jaime says:

    Very well written. I’m sad it’s not going the way you want but I’m sure something will come your way!

  2. kebe51 says:

    It’s like we’re living the same life right now! …only I didn’t have the fun of Australia lol

    Good luck with the search! 🙂

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