2015 Tallinn

Monday Evening

We made our way down to the cruise ship with all our luggage.  I wanted to have a sign with our luggage saying we’ve been traveling for 6 weeks, don’t judge the amount of our luggage!  Ha!

We got on board and made our way to our rooms.  Yes, rooms.  On accident we booked two rooms.  Best. Mistake. Ever.  The rooms were tiny!!

So when I say this was a cruise, it really should be “cruise”.  In reality it was more of a ferry between countries.  But what better way to wake up each morning in another country?  The beds were super uncomfortable and the rooms didn’t have a lot of amenities.  But again, we were waking up in another country each day!

We explored the boat before finding dinner.  Which was a little more difficult than anticipated as there weren’t great options on board.  We ended up at the Funny Rabbit, which I would refer to as the Fuzzy Rabbit or the Furry Rabbit but never the Funny Rabbit.  They served decent nachos and tempura.  We would end up eating there several times.


We weren’t sure what to expect and made our way to the exit area where we ran into a chaotic mess.  But finally the door was opened and we were on our way!  To customs.  Where it was another cluster.  But then finally we were outside and on our way to the old town.

Fat Margaret Tower

Fat Margaret Tower

Tallinn has been on my “list” to visit for a while.  The pictures depict it as a very well-preserved and charming old town.  The pictures were right!  Since we didn’t have a lot of time in Tallinn itself, we basically went on a long photo walk.  Cobblestone streets, beautiful old buildings, and old city walls.

Cobblestone Streets

Cobblestone Streets

Our first actual stop was Maiasmokk Café, which boasts of being the oldest café in Tallinn.  It was super cute and the food was delicious as well!

Maiasmokk Café

Maiasmokk Café

From there we continued on to the Old Town Square.

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

And up to the Upper Town for a beautiful view.

View of Tallinn

View of Tallinn

And a few other sights along the way.





I really would love to go back and spend more time in Tallinn.  Ideally at Christmastime.  I bet they have amazing Christmas markets!

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4 Responses to 2015 Tallinn

  1. Looks like Tallinn is the place to be!
    OH, How I wish I was here *Sigh*

  2. Jaime says:

    Christmas would be amazing there! What a cute town!

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