Hello Portland

Once upon a time (my favorite way to start any story) I moved to Portland.  Or, you know, two months ago.  What, two months already?  I know, I can’t believe it either!



Initially I was in corporate housing.  And I got spoiled – it was in a great location with a grocery store across the street.  And a coffee shop!  And a Chipotle down the block!!



The cherry on top was a few blocks down I could catch the waterfront trail.  Sadly I was only able to use it a few times.

Running along the waterfront

Running along the waterfront

Being that my housing was temporary, I was on the clock to find a new place to live.  Last time I ended up staying in my temporary housing.  I did think about it again, but it would have meant selling the majority of my belongings to fit in the tiny apartment I could afford.  Portland is slightly more expensive than St Louis, especially when looking downtown.

I embarked on the great apartment search of 2015, trying to find the perfect balance of space, commute and affordability.  Easier said than done.  I found some beautiful apartments but either they were too small or too far away (i.e. an hour-ish commute).  And none gave me that feeling of being home.  That’s how I ultimately knew the apartment in St Louis was the one – I was happy to come home.  Again, I imagine being across the street from Forest Park had a lot to do with it.

One dark and stormy night, after a long day of apartment searching, I ended up at a Mexican restaurant.  Over chips and salsa, I bemoaned my choices.  I was running out of time and I needed to make a decision.  Decision making is not my strong suit.  But leaving the Mexican restaurant, I drove by an apartment complex.  It looked okay in the dark.  It wasn’t too far out.  I emailed the apartment complex to find out more details.

A few days later I was signing a lease!  (After I looked at it of course.)  It was across the street from a grocery store!!  Not only is there a grocery store, but there is a Barre 3, a cycle place and an Orange Theory Fitness is coming!  I’ve been wanting to try Orange Theory!  There a few open spots for additional stores and my fingers are crossed for a Chipotle!  It had the space, was within my price range, and I have (at worst) a 30 minute commute.  And I felt good about coming home.

While I’m still waiting for my belongings to show up from St Louis, I’ve made a few purchases and unpacked so it’s really starting to feel like home.  Once I have it put together I’ll take some pictures.

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