2016 Princess Half Marathon

Hellllooo out there!!  Is it really already almost March?

Once upon a time, because all princess stories start with once upon a time, I set out for the 2016 Glass Slipper Challenge.  It can be summed in several short sentences, but what fun would that be?

Leading up to this weekend, I had been working a lot, sleeping very little, and training even less.  None of which are good things on their own, but together could equal disaster.  I won’t necessarily bore you with all the details about the race.  I will say, I survived, took a few pictures, and I survived (with help from Abby!).

Disney races mean many things – castles, Main Street, characters, and very early morning wake ups.  I think actually did it right this time (probably because I was so exhausted) and went to bed at a decent time.

Saturday morning dawned early.  I ran into Abby (almost literally) and we met up with Sarah and Sarah’s mom.  And before you know it we were heading toward the corrals.  The race started but I had no fireworks.  Boo.


Start Line


The 10K can be summed up in two pictures:


Lumiere & Cogsworth


Gorgeous sunrise over the Boardwalk


A short day at the parks, followed by an early evening and (what felt like) an even earlier wake up call, I was back at the start line.


Start Line

The first part of the race was decent.  I kept moving, except for a few picture stops.

Right after my mile 7 picture, I ran into Abby.  I was starting to feel fatigued, so decided to stick with her.  That was one of my better decisions.  It was starting to get hot at this point.  And (TMI – you’ve been warned) my monthly visitor decided to pay me a visit and I was having horrible cramps.  Sticking with Abby kept me moving forward, even though I felt like stopping and walking slowly.

This was also when the pictures stopped as I didn’t have any extra energy.  I finally stopped on of the medical tents for Tylenol.  I kept up with Abby as long as I could but with a half mile or so left I waved Abby on as I struggled to keep moving.  I kept moving slower and slower, not even running for the cameras (you know I’m not feeling well when I can’t even smile and ham it up for the cameras).

I almost burst into tears when I saw the gospel choir.  I was so close.  And finally I could see the finish line.  I dug so deep and found a tiny spark of energy so I could run across the finish line.  Done.

It wasn’t the prettiest race, but it was probably one of my guttiest.  I gutted it out and left it all out on the course.


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4 Responses to 2016 Princess Half Marathon

  1. Ugh, that sounds rough! Are you doing the challenge for Tink? I’m just doing the half.

    • Emily says:

      I’m doing the stupid challenge. At least it’s Disneyland and the early mornings aren’t quite as rough. And I’m hoping to actually start training so it won’t be nearly as bad!!

  2. Ugh. Running a half-marathon with your period is the worst! Been there. I feel your pain. Congrats on gutting it out and I love your Ariel and Snow White looks!

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