Hello March

Wow, two posts in two days?  What is this?  It is the end of a seemingly never ending deadline.  And the beginning of my quest to find normalcy and work life balance.  I’m starting to wonder if work life balance is a myth, or if its just me.

The past few months have been rough – long hours, very little sleep, and throw in a flare up of acid reflux.  However, the acid reflux did have a silver lining in that it forced me to find a doctor in Portland.

Its amazing how apropos my 2016 one little word turned out to be.  As the deadlines are winding down, I’m fighting the habit of staying late at work.  Staying late was a necessity to meet the deadlines, but now that work has calmed down, I have to remember its okay to leave at a “normal” time.

I did win one fight – I found a yoga class and was able to leave work at a normal hour and take a class.  It was slightly brutal, but in a good way.  Its only one class, but I’m hoping its a start.  2016 is going to be one little fight after another but I am determined not to lose myself.

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4 Responses to Hello March

  1. Enjoy your lack of deadlines!! Maybe try to take more than just one class while you can so you can see if there are other things you want to do! 🙂

  2. Work/life balance is tough. The more I travel the world and talk to people from other cultures and countries, the more I realize that Americans, as a whole, work way too hard and value work (above life) too much. Keep up the good fight!

    • Emily says:

      I completely agree. Americans definitely place too much value on work. It’s going to be hard but I am really going to try and put some boundaries up this time.

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