2016 Shamrock 15K

While Disney races are still the clear winner in early morning wake-ups, having a race the morning of daylight savings falls into the “what was I thinking, this is really early” category.  I’m not a huge fan of daylight savings, except for the benefit of it staying lighter later into the night.


Even the bridge is decorated for St Patrick’s Day

The Shamrock Run is the largest running/walking event in Portland so you know I was going to take part.  But which option?  I could choose from a half, 15K, 8K, or a 5K.  Decisions, decisions.  I immediately ruled out the half and the 5K so that left the 15K and the 8K.  The 15K had a medal, the 8K didn’t.  And just like that I had my race.  Doing a 15K also fit nicely in with my Tink training.


Here we go!

The forecast called for rain, rain and more rain.  Which meant I needed to buy a shamrock hat to wear.  I also ended up wearing the race shirt since it was green and for a St Patty’s themed race, you can never have too much green!

The 15K started first and headed off down Naito Parkway, with warnings of a giant puddle near the Steel Bridge.  It was giant!  I hopped onto the sidewalk to avoid it.  We hit the turn around and started back through downtown.  I was keeping fairly decent intervals (1:1).  The start of the hilly section was almost upon me when I heard my name!  It was Heather (an Instagram friend).  Her crew was doing 45:45 intervals and knowing the crazy hills were coming up I joined their group.

The rain was increasing as was the incline.  We walked a good deal of the hills.  It was over 2 miles of mainly up and up and up.

But finally we hit mile 6 and the start of the downhill, because what goes up must come down.  Normally you’d think I’d jump for joy for downhills!  Turns out slippery, wet roads, and steep(er) downhills don’t mix well.  Finally downtown came into view!  We had stuck together until the end and one by one everyone took off to conquer the finish line.  Hooray!


Medal (plus my soaked hat)

Time you ask?  Again, my times are not where they have been, but I’m okay with my time of 2:11.32.  I definitely have a lot of work to do, but I am making progress.





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