2016 Mercer Island 10K

This post came “thisclose” to being my first DNF (did not finish).  I’ve had several DNS (did not start) due to illnesses, but I’ve never came close to a DNF.

With that ominous start, let’s back up, shall we?  One of my besties had a baby, but since she had him so early, we never had a baby shower.  Instead there was a meet the baby gathering.  I was super excited to meet baby and headed up to Seattle Friday night.

Knowing I would be in Seattle for the weekend, and knowing I needed to do 10 miles (according to my Tink training calendar), I looked at what races were going on.  Lo and behold, the Mercer Island Half was going on.  I’ve never done the half before, however, I have done the 10K multiple times.  It’s a very hilly course.  And by very hilly, I mean extremely hilly.  It is Seattle after all.  And I never seem to remember how hilly it is until I get out there.

I definitely wasn’t ready to do the half, but I could do the 10K, plus a few extra to get me to 10.  Fortunately the 1oK didn’t start until 8:30 so I was able to squeak in 3.8 ish miles before the race started.

Towards the end of my pre-race miles, my stomach started bothering me.  Well that is new.  I finished, grabbed my bib and some water, thinking the water might help.  It seemed to calm my stomach for the moment, so I headed to the start line.

Go!  The first few miles were actually fine.  I completely missed the mile 2 sign and was pleasantly surprised by the mile 3 sign.  Mile 4 is a giant downhill followed by a giant uphill.  And it is also where my stomach started complaining.  I started cramping and running jarred my stomach.  I seriously thought I might just need to stop.  Had there been a medical tent there at that moment I’m pretty sure I would have DNF’d and left the course.  But there wasn’t and I knew I was close to the end.  I put my head down and walked.  I walked down the hill, I walked up the hill.  I walked down the next hill and attempted to run on the flats as the jarring wasn’t that bad on the flats.

I had come in to this race with lofty goals of 1:20.  Yeah, so that didn’t happen.  When it became obvious my stomach wasn’t going to cooperate, I thought maybe I could salvage under 1:30.  Guess what?  I couldn’t, exactly.  I came in at 1:30.50 so not under 1:30 but not exactly over 1:30.  I’m still a long way from where I want to be but I keep plugging away.  Some day I’ll find my lost speed.  Some day.

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