Exciting and Not So Much

This blog post came to me this morning as I was driving in to work.  I was going to have two great things to tell you.  What is it they say about counting your chickens before they are hatched?  Instead of having two exciting things to tell you, I have one exciting thing and one not so exciting thing.

First, let’s start with the exciting thing!  I’ve been lamenting my loss of speed.  Not that I was ever that fast, but I had improved and made strides towards my ultimate goal of a running a 2:45 half marathon.  But after Sunday’s 10K, I started thinking that maybe my new normal was 14 / 15 minute miles (instead of my former 12 / 13 minute miles).  With that playing in in my head, I left work and it was still light out!  Let’s count this as another little successful fight won.  I headed to the waterfront to get in a couple of miles.  I walked the first mile and ran the second mile!  Not run / walking but actually ran without stopping!  Fighting a headwind the entire time!  Okay, maybe not the entire time, but a good portion of the time!  And my Garmin clocked me in at 11:45.  Take that slow thoughts.  While I’ve still have a lot of work to do, it was a good confidence booster.

Second, the not so exciting thing (that could have been exciting).  I did not get into Wine & Dine.  Boo.  It was frustrating accessing the site and being immediately placed on hold.  I kept hitting refresh but nothing ever opened up.  Secretly I was glad when it finally showed sold out as I could stop hitting refresh.  Fortunately this was only the early registration for annual passholders (and DVC members) and I will have another shot next week.  Those of you not obsessed with Disney, Wine & Dine has gotten an overhaul and will now be a morning race with a challenge option (i.e. Saturday 10K and Sunday Half).  Even though I have sworn off challenges, I am hoping to get into Lumiere’s Challenge.  I mean its named after Lumiere!  Fingers crossed I get in next week!!

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2 Responses to Exciting and Not So Much

  1. Abby says:

    Speed work! We need to be rocking the speed work. Congrats on the 11:45!!
    My fingers are crossed for your for the challenge. I will see you there! 😉

  2. Emily says:

    Speed work!!! We so got this!

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