2016 Hop Hop Half

You know what helps my motivation?  Races.  I was looking at the 12 miler on my calendar for this weekend and suffering from a lack of motivation.  I had seen fliers for the Hop Hop Half, but hadn’t really given it serious consideration.  Until the lack of motivation really started dragging on me.  It probably has something to do with my last few long runs being horrendous due in part to rain, rain and more rain.  And just like that I signed up!

My plan was to treat it as a training run (as much as possible) and use the last 1.1 miles as a cool down.  The time limits were slightly confusing – but the gist was since most of the race took place on a bike path, the real time limit was 19 min per mile.  Given my time lately, this was an important detail.  Another important detail was that the course was flat!

It wasn’t a large field, and I looked around my old familiar fear of being last came bubbling to the surface.  The rational part of me says, so what if I’m last, but the irrational part of me still worries about it.

We lined up and we were off!  The first part of the course headed down NE 33rd before heading back up and onto the bike path.  There was a slight uphill to get onto the bike path.  There were a few other hills, but for the most part the course was flat as advertised.  The water stations were stocked with Cliff Shots, which was nice.

Ready to Hop Hop

Ready to Hop Hop

How’d I do?  Well, I may have mentioned I’ve changed my intervals to 1:1 which seems to be helping.  I actually felt pretty decent up until about mile 7ish.  Mile 10ish is when I started skipping a few run intervals.  The sun was coming out at this point, which may have played a part in my increasing sluggishness.   I made it to mile 12 and even though I told myself I would treat it as a cool down, I happened to look at my watch, and saw that I could possibly make it under 3 hours.  Coming in under 3 hours would have been a good confidence booster.  However, I was really fighting fatigue.  I made a deal with myself and walked two minutes and ran one.

Coming towards the finish line, I could see the clock turning to 3:00.  I knew I started fairly close to the front so I probably didn’t have any grace time.  I probably started running towards the finish a little too late, but before you knew it, I was across the finish line!  With a time of….3:01 even.   Honestly, I’m very okay with this time.  It’s not my best, but it’s not my worst.  It definitely was a confidence booster.



The after party included mimosas, cinnamon rolls and other brunch items!  Yum!





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