2016 520 10K

Wow, that’s a lot of numbers!  When I heard there was to be a 10K to celebrate the re-opening of the new 520 bridge, I knew I had to do it!  520 is the longest floating bridge and connects Seattle to the Eastside.  It has been under construction for oh about forever.  The new bridge has been being constructed alongside the old bridge.  I’m still a little confused about the actual opening of the bridge to traffic as it will be done in phases and eventually the old bridge will be phased out.

I checked with Nilufer to see if she would be interested and she was!  She picked up our packets during the week and we met up race morning.


At the start line


There was an option to do it timed or untimed.  I chose timed even though I was treating it as a fun run.  There was approximately 13,000 people taking part in the race.

The timed portion started first and we were off!  Down Montlake, across the Montlake Bridge, (which always scares me either on foot or in a car due to the grating), and onto 520.

Just as we got to the new bridge, we ran into an old co-worker!


Hi Maria!

We kept up pretty steady intervals, when we weren’t pausing to take pictures!  Because when else were we going to get a chance to run across 520 with no cars?


So many people!!


Feet pic on the new bridge!!


On the bridge deck!

And soon we were off the bridge and back on to Montlake and across the finish line!

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2 Responses to 2016 520 10K

  1. Jaime says:

    Those are some sweet outfits you guys are rocking! Love the hats! 🙂

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