2016 Bridge to Brews 10K

If its a weekend, there must be a race!  At least lately that has been case.  I had 8 miles on my calendar.  Fortunately there was also a 10K going on.  So of course I signed up for it!  Even better Bridge to Brews is the only race that goes across the Fremont Bridge.  And you know how I love bridges.

I showed up early so I could get a quick 2 miles in before the race started.  I found rockstar parking, literally across from the race start.  Granted, I had to pay for the rockstar parking, but it was worth it!!  I got my two miles in, returned to my car and changed shirts.

And we were off!  The first mile wound through downtown, before heading onto the bridge.  I kept stopping for pictures (even though they didn’t turn out great and didn’t do justice to the magnificent view).


Approaching the Fremont Bridge


We hit mile 2 and started the downward decent off the bridge.  The remaining miles meandered until we came across the Steel Bridge.


View from Fremont Bridge


Here’s where I admit to you, dear readers, my ineptitude.  I can figure out intervals on my watch but I can’t figure out how to get miles as well.  There has to be a way but I have not discovered it.  Given I run by intervals, I’ve given up really knowing my mile times.  In some ways its freeing, just listening for the walk or run beep.  Going into this race I really just wanted to come in under 1:30 since my last two 10Ks I wasn’t able to.  Partway through I was thinking 1:25 should be attainable but the race math was eluding me.  And I didn’t have mile times to give me an approximate idea of where I was.

Back to the regularly scheduled race report – across the Steel Bridge and I took a sneak glance at my watch.  I should totally make under 1:25.  But I had to stop for that final picture!!


One last picture with the Steel Bridge!!


I started all out sprinting towards the finish line a little too soon and lost a bit of steam.  But then I was across!  Hooray!  And guess what my time was?  1:25:00 even!




One of the draws of this race is the after party which is a beer tasting festival!  I jumped in a shorter line and tasted before heading off to my next adventure.


Taste away

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6 Responses to 2016 Bridge to Brews 10K

  1. kebe51 says:

    I’m so jealous of all these awesome races you find! We are surprisingly lacking in the race department here (unless you want run Central Park EVERY SINGLE WEEK) and they pretty much NEVER have the fun treats at the end!

    And yay for 1:25! Woot!

    • Emily says:

      Right now, running in central park every single week sounds amazing!! But I’m sure, like anything else it gets old after awhile. It does seem like they’ve got some good races here.

  2. Jaime says:

    That sounds like fun!! You’ll be at Tink, right? Hoping to see you there!

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