2016 Race for the Roses

Apparently all I do is run races and write recaps of said races.  Some day I’ll get back to other things.

I had been doing good, for a few weeks anyway, at following an actual training plan and doing speed work and cross training even!  And then work got busy again and everything but the long runs fell by the wayside.  We’ll see if I can salvage the last few weeks.

But in the meantime, I had 10 miles on tap for the weekend.  And surprise, there was a 10K going on.  Four plus six equals ten, right?  Or to be more exact, 3.8 plus 6.2 equals 10.  I got a late start to the morning and since I am super weird about time, I decided to settle for 3.8 since I would still get to 10.


Start Line


The 3.8 actually went fairly well and I was back in time to use the restroom, grab my bib and eat a Gu.  And then came the announcement the race was delayed 15 minutes.

Finally we were really off!  The race started near the convention center and went up Interstate Ave and across the Broadway Bridge.


Broadway Bridge


We wound through downtown and the Pearl district before a small out and back along Front Ave / Naito Parkway.

I’m still doing 1:1 intervals.   Remember when I used to do 2:1?  Yeah, me neither.  As I hit Front Ave I was feeling good.  The sun was coming on strong and there was no shade at this point but I kept plugging along.  I hit 4 miles and glanced down at my watch – 52 minutes!  (Remember I’m really not fast.)  I did quick math and though I should have no problem beating my time from last week.  And maybe even hit 1:20!  But I didn’t take into account the heat.  Or the giant hill at the end.  I actually thought I was doing really well on mile 5 but no, I was slowing way down.  And then came the hill up to the Steel Bridge.  I walked it.  And when I got to the top, I kept walking.

At this point I glanced at my watch and realized 1:20 was long gone.  I still had the chance to beat last week though.  Slowly I started running towards the finish line.  With a time of 1:22.30!  So not under 1:20 but I did improve on last week.



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2 Responses to 2016 Race for the Roses

  1. Jaime says:

    That medal looks super cool! Sounds like an interesting race. The bridge reminds me of running NYCM.

    • Emily says:

      The medal was cool! And handmade!! The race was in support of a center to help developmentally disabled adults and children and they made the medals!!

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