2016 Cinco de Mayo 10K

One of the benefits of running #alltheraces in Portland is learning more and more about my new city street by street.  So far most of the races have been slightly different courses, giving me a different view each time.

Today’s race started in Pioneer Square (which sometimes trips me out because there is also a Pioneer Square in Seattle – I’m sure Portland and Seattle are not the only Pioneer Squares, but they are the only two I know).  I took the Max in (Portland’s light rail) which took me directly to Pioneer Square.  Score for no parking hassle!


Feet pic!


One thing I learned about races starting in Pioneer Square (although this is a sweeping generalization) is that they start on a slight uphill.  Boo.  (And not to give away the ending, but they also end on an uphill.  Double boo.)  But aside from those hills the remaining course was fairly flat (with a few false flats thrown in).  I’m thinking those false flats are why I felt like I was working so hard and going nowhere.

We started off on Broadway before turning down towards the waterfront.  Just past the first mile, we turned back into downtown and headed toward the Pearl District.  As I mentioned above, I really felt like I was struggling (more than normal).

Through the Pearl District and into another area, which seemed to be full of warehouses.  The sun was beating down at this point.  This was also part of the giant out and back portion and it was great to see the steady stream of people on their way back, including folks dressed up as a taco!

I feel like saying this part of the course was slightly technical due to all the turns.  It literally felt like we were turning at the end of each block.

But then the turn around appeared!  Back through the stretch of zig zag streets, the Pearl District, and finally back onto Broadway!  I didn’t want to start my finishing kick too early so I deliberately held back, well at least held back a smidge.

Across the finish I went!  Normally this would be the time I would tell you my time.  However, the official results still haven’t been posted, so we will both have to wait for the official results!


And done!

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