2016 Tink 10K

I keep thinking I won’t sign up for these challenges, and then I find myself signing up!  However, I do love the Disneyland 10Ks as you spend so much time in the parks.  Plus not only was Jessica going to do it but we convinced Jessica’s mom (Susan) to run as well.  We went with an Alice in Wonderland theme and one of the best parts about Susan running was I had a built in costumer!  Why, yes, I had nothing to do with my pinafore – that was all Susan.

We stayed at the Paradise Pier hotel and literally walking outside to the corrals was pretty amazing.  Especially when it was raining.  Yes, raining!  I didn’t order rain!  We stayed inside as long as possible before braving the rain.  Fortunately the rain didn’t last long.


Queen of Hearts, Cheshire Cat, Alice

And we were off!




Down and around a very long block (where I saw Jaime spectating!) before heading in Disneyland!  I won’t bore you too much with details of the course since I’ve probably recapped Disney races wy too much, except to say I really do love the Disneyland 10Ks!  Instead I’ll share some pictures!  And the best part about this being so late is I have official pictures!


Go Susan Go!!  (one of my fave pics!)


Paradise Pier




Feet Pic!











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