2016 Bolder Boulder

This was my third time to do Bolder Boulder.  I really do love this race.  The energy, the crowd support, finishing in Folsom Field.  It is an all around amazing race!

I had registered for the race, reserved a hotel room, and bought plane tickets (being the planner that I am) before I had gone to the doctor who recommended I didn’t run for 4 weeks.  Of course Bolder Boulder was smack dab in the middle of my 4 week running hiatus.  What to do?

Walking wasn’t prohibited (I asked) and so I figured I would walk the race.  It would be hard, especially at the end, but I could do it.  Whew!

We had booked a hotel not too far from the finish (my travel companions were Jessica & Nilufer) but far enough away that we figured we should drive over.  That was not the best idea.  It took us forever to drive 2 miles to the parking lot.  But finally we were parked and made our way over to the start line where we met up with Jessica’s friend (who had recently moved to Denver).


Ready to go!


We had missed our start wave, but jumped in with the next wave to leave (I think there are close to 90 waves).  We got separated from Jessica & her friend fairly early on.  (We knew this was a possibility and made arrangements to meet at the end if it happened.)


Not sure what’s going on with my facial expression!


If you have to walk a race, this is the perfect race to do it.  It’s great people watching, plus the numerous entertainments.  The bands were all great!  Elvis was there, belly dancers, hula hoopers, slip ‘n’ slides, cotton candy, marshmallows, people spraying water – seriously, so many people, spectators and participants alike.  And such amazing energy!





At the summit!!


Finally the stadium was in view.  There is nothing like coming into Folsom Stadium with thousands of people cheering you on.  I so badly wanted to run!  But I didn’t.  Across the finish line we went!

We collected our goody bag, Jessica & her friend and made our way back into the stadium to watch the elites and the Memorial Day celebration.


Folsom Field


Such a great race!  If you are ever in Denver for Memorial Day – be sure to check out BolderBoulder!


Memorial Day Celebration


Accidental photo but I kinda liked it




Belly Dancers

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