2016 Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll 8K

I’ll let you in on a secret.  I hate going to the dentist.  However, I love my dentist.  How much do I love him?  I made trips from St. Louis to see him and keep my teeth happy.  Now that I’m in Portland, it is a much easier trip.

And if by chance, I happen to coordinate the weekend of Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll, all the better!  I was originally signed up for the half, and while I was officially allowed to run, I had not trained at all.  So I dropped down to the 8K.  By dropping down, I convinced Nilufer to do the race with me!


Matchy Matchy

There was a course change this year!  Instead of starting and finishing at the Seattle Center, it started at the Seattle Center and finished at Century Link Field (home of the Seahawks!  #gohawks).  With the course change, they were offering the option of parking at Century Link & taking a shuttle to the start line.

Apparently no one test drove the shuttle option.  I flew across the I-90 bridge (fairly early) and came to a shuddering halt just past the exit to I-5.  And proceeded to sit.  And sit.  (All in all I was probably stuck on I-90 for close to an hour or more.)  I was not the only trapped in the gridlock as I’m guessing it was mostly runners and spectators at that early in the morning.  The closer the clock ticked to the start, the more I started seeing runners walking down the freeway to the shuttles.  I was tempted, although I don’t think my parents would appreciate me abandoning their car on the side of the road! 🙂


So close yet sooooo far

Thank goodness for Twitter – Rock ‘n’ Roll finally tweeted out that they were delaying the start time.  I finally got off the freeway and parked.

I met up with Nilufer at the start line, just in time!  Even though I was allowed to run, we decided to walk most of it.  We did run a little at the beginning and the end and it felt so good!!  Both mentally and literally!


Ready to run!


The 8K course was fairly straight-forward – somewhat a reverse of the old course, up until Century Link.  One of my complaints about the old course was the hill at the end.  Guess what?  There was still a hill at the end – but at least it was an uphill followed by a downhill, instead of the reverse.


A little bit of running


And just like that we were finished!!

Overall, I think the course changes (that I saw) were good!  Except no iconic Space Needle at the end to take a medal picture with! 🙂  I hope they sort out the parking/shuttle option for next year.


Love the medal!!

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