Lots of Races

I thought eventually I would recap races but instead I’m going to do a lightening round recap of races with any pertinent facts.  Such as, secret goals and am I getting any faster?

Foot Traffic Flat 8K

One of the exciting draws of this race was the post-race spread!  Given this was my last day before starting Whole30 I was even more excited!  I took advantage of the shuttle option as the race took place on Sauvie Island and there wasn’t a lot of parking available.

The race was billed as on farm roads (the 8K that is – the half and full were on actual roads).  What I didn’t realize was it really took place in fields!  As in watch out you might step in a hole field.  This was to be my first race back running, however, given the course conditions, I wasn’t running as much as I had originally planned.

I finished in 1:10:09 which was better than the Seattle 8K but with a lot of work still left to do.  I enjoyed my hot dog (at 9 am – don’t judge) and strawberry shortcake!  If I ever do this race again, I think I might have to do the half so I don’t run through the fields.  Or just plan on walking it.


Twilight 10K

I am not a fan of night races, but I was intrigued by the cute owl medal this race was offering.  And it was a 6 PM start, so not too late.  It was in Vancouver, so I got to cross the river back to Washington.

Parking was slightly chaotic but finally I was parked, got my bib, and was standing at the start line.  My secret goal going into this race was 1:20.  I wasn’t sure it was possible, but that’s why it is a secret goal.

The race took place mostly on a trail that was heading towards the Columbia River.  Just as we reached the river it was time to turn around.  It was also around that time it started raining.

On the way back the half leaders started passing us and several were super encouraging, which I really appreciated.  You could hear them calling out cheers as they passed the back of the packers.

Time?  1:19:01 – just under that secret goal!  Still a lot of work to do, but making progress!


Ladybug 10K

This race took place in Tigard, a new place to explore!  It started at Cook Park and was a slight figure 8 through the park and surrounding neighborhoods before making the its way along the Tualatin River.

It was a good discovery for me as it wasn’t too far from my house and the trail looked nice (with bathrooms along the way).

There was one brutal hill that I was dreading doing a second time until I remembered we weren’t doing two laps!  Whew!

Time: 1:20:08 – slightly down from last time.

Pints to Pasta 10K

The saddest part of this race was not being to partake in the post race festivities!  Remind me next year not to be on Whole30 for this race!

It was a point to point race (at least the 10K was, the half was out and back).  A shuttle was offered for the 10Kers.  It was fairly bare bones at the 10K start.  We were ready to start and….no start.  Not sure what was going on, but it took awhile before we were finally released.

I don’t remember much about this race except the heat.  It was getting hot!!

Time: 1:17:46 – now before you get too excited, I’m pretty sure the course was slightly short.  But still, I’ll take it!

Garlic 10K

I had 9 miles on the calendar for this weekend so I decided to pair it with a Garlic 10K.  Yes, garlic!  I showed up super early so I could quickly knock out 3 miles.  The sun was definitely starting to make its presence known.  Ugh.

I finished and lined up for the 10K.  While I had looked at the course map, I hadn’t really paid attention to the elevation.  My bad.  The first mile was mostly downhill.  From mile 1 to almost mile 3 it was up.  Up and up and up.  I quickly switched to 30/30 to try and keep myself in a rhythm.

Finally I was at the turn around, where the biggest hill greeted me.  I fought my way up as much as I could before giving up and walking.   I was getting more and more frustrated between the hills and the heat.  I kept having this feeling that if I wore myself out on this hill I would regret it later.

Since it was an out and back, the back was mainly downhill.  I thought for a second about running the entire way down.  And then I remembered the hill at the end and realized I should just keep it slow and steady.  I did change to 2/1 intervals for the downhill portion to take advantage of gravity!

I fought super hard on the last uphill, or the second to last uphill.  The sun was beating down and towards the top of the hill I started walking and it was hard to start running again.  As I rounded the final corner and the final uphill I was able to talk myself into running and was greeted at the finish line with a giant garlic!

Time?  1:20:18 – was I hoping for under 1:20?  Yes, but given the hills and the heat, I’m happy with this time.  Especially since I felt strong during this race, which hasn’t happened in awhile!

And there you have – the lightening round of races!!



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