Whole30 Update Part II

I’m almost halfway through my second round of Whole30.  I was excited, yet scared to step on the scale at the end of round 1 (even though Whole30 is not a weight loss plan per se, I was still hoping for at least some movement on the scale).  The scale greeted me with a number I hadn’t seen in quite some time – down 14lbs!  Which is also great motivation to keep going.

It has been easier than I expected to stick with it.  Don’t get me wrong, at times I would kill for a slice of pizza!!  The other day I just about tackled someone who was carrying mini cupcakes!  But overall it has been a good experience.

I’m also knee deep in Disneyland Paris Half Marathon training.  I’m following (or attempting) Hal Higdon’s plan and so far, while not perfect, I’ve been sticking with it, with some modifications.  Some nights I’m cutting the mileage slightly and other weeks I’m skipping cross training.

But you may be asking, what about fuel?  Good question.  I’ve searched the Whole30 forums looking for fueling ideas, but nothing was really appealing or feasible.  Until I came across dried fruit.  I talked about ideas with my doctor and she suggested raisins which I thought was brilliant!  Small, easily portable, and just enough to give me a small boost.

Coconut water has also become my friend (post-workout).  It isn’t necessarily my favorite thing to drink, but drinking it after workouts really helps to rehydrate me.

Only a few more weeks to go before reintroduction.  Now that should be interesting!

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