2016 Girlfriends 10K

This race originally caught my eye because of the triathlon aspect!  Confession – it has been at least 5 years since my last triathlon.  I miss swimbikerunning.

I had 10 miles on the calendar and decided to pair with the 10K.

I showed up bright and early to the race site to get my 4 miles in.

The nice thing about this race was that it started at 9 so I didn’t have to wake up excruciatingly early to get my extra miles in.

The bad part about this race was it didn’t start until 9 and it was going to be hot!

As I walked by the transition area I began to wish I was doing the triathlon.  I really have missed them.  I made a silent promise to myself to make an attempt to do this race next year – as a triathlete!

The first 4 miles went fairly quick and I was back to the race site.

The course was almost a reverse of the Twilight 10K starting at Frenchman’s Bar Park and turning around at Vancouver Lake Park.

I lined up at the start line and casually looked around.  There was maybe 50 women, definitely less than 100 AND this was the start of not only 10K but the 5K and the duathlon!  Once again thoughts of being last crept into my head tempered  by the fact even though I might be last in the 10K I probably would be last overall.  Whew!


From the name you may have guessed this was a female centric race.  Which meant there was a lot of “you go girlfriend” and high fives.  I love the energy from high fives!


Have I mentioned yet it was hot out?  Not long after the turn around for the 5K and duathlon, a volunteer was telling us there would be a water stop at mile 2.  Yahoo!  But guess what?  It wasn’t at mile 2.  I started grumbling under my breath as I had really been looking forward to the water stop.

The grumbling (under my breath of course) continued until I passed the bike turn around where the volunteers were singing which brought a huge smile to my face.  My smile got even wider when around the next corner was a water stop!  Even though it wasn’t at mile 2, it became my favorite water stop as it had ice in the cups and cool towels!

Th next section took us into Vancouver Lake Park and SHADE!  While it seemed to  stretch forever, finally the turn around came into view.  Do you know what I love about turn arounds?  Finding out you aren’t lasr!

I wound my way back eventually running into the triathetes on the run portion.

Across the finish line I went with a time of 1:21:14.  With the heat, I am very happy with this time.


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