2016 Hero-Up Half

I’d like to start off this race recap by spoiling the ending and I say I PR’d the heck out of this race!!  I love surprise unexpected PRs (well maybe not so unexpected as I have been training really consistently and throw in Whole30 and cooler temps on top of that).  On to the nitty-gritty details…

I decided to do this race literally the day before.  Or actually, the night before.  As in I was dreading my 11 miles on the calendar (why I don’t know as I had completed a half the week before), so had the brilliant idea to see if any races were happening that weekend that I could use as a training run.  Because again, training runs with spectators, water stops and medals are much better for my motivation!

This one popped up and looked fairly low-key and it had race day sign up!  Decision made.  My plan was similar to last week – 1:1s until mile 11 and then slow it down.

I showed up bright and early to register and then used the “real” park bathrooms.  Park bathrooms are better than port-o-potties in my book!  The theme for this race was heroes and it was fun to look at all the costumes!


And we were off!  The course was slightly familiar as it took place on some of the same roads as the Ladybug 10K I had done not too long ago.  

The weather was significantly cooler than it had been, which I loved!  I was definitely towards the back of the pack but I tried to keep at least a few people within my sights.  

I don’t remember too much about the specifics – a mix of sidewalks, neighborhoods, and paved trails.  The volunteers were great and very vocal.  Around mile 8 I finally could spot a few runners ahead of me that I thought I might be able to catch.  And I did!  

I was really feeling good but I was still committed to slowing down at mile 11.  That is until I hit mile 11 and glanced at my watch which showed me at around 2:17 and change.  I quickly did race math (which is not a strong suit of mine) and realized that I might actually PR if I kept up my intervals.  I took a deep breath and went for it, simultaneously trying to speed up but keep an even, sustainable effort.  I spotted a few more racers in front of me and picked them off one by one.  I hit mile 12 and glanced at my watch.  2:30  Not only was a PR in reach but the elusive 2:45 was also right there!  

I chanted 2:45 over and over to myself.  Was this really happening?  

The last little bit was super twisty (the course had gone over and back on this stretch a few times).  I saw the finish line and found a burst of speed!  Done!!  With a time of….2:43:16.  Wow.  I have chased 2:45 for so long.  My previous PR was 2:47:09 from 2013.  It was such a good feeling.  I had been debating chasing a PR in October (at the Portland Half) but having this surprise PR takes all the pressure off.


Now I’m really ready for Paris!


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2 Responses to 2016 Hero-Up Half

  1. kebe51 says:

    Congratulations! Surprise PRs are the best! That’s actually how I got mine/finally hit sub 2:30. I signed up as a training run for Goofy and then “accidentally” PRed! Way to kick butt and take names! 🙂

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! I think not having the (self induced) pressure to PR really helped. It’s good to finally feel like I’m moving forward instead of backwards!!

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