2016 Paris Disneyland Half

Did I really go to Paris?  Seems so long ago!  I’ll get around to posting pictures, but for now let’s talk about the race!!  Hands down this was my favorite runDisney race to date.  It was well organized, gorgeous course, and amazing volunteers / spectators who cheered for me in French!  Oh, and they had apples at the aid stations!  And the course signs were in kilometers!

After several days, we bid adieu to Paris proper and took an Uber to Paris Disneyland.  While you can easily take a train from Paris, the thought of dragging our suitcases to and from the train station made an Uber worth it (it was approx. 65 euros).

We had originally booked the Santa Fe Hotel, however, a few weeks before the trip I received a call from Disney to upgrade to the New York Hotel.  Why thank you very much.  The New York Hotel was a great location – a few minutes walk from the Disney Village and a few minutes walk to the expo.

Instead of a hand bag check, there was a set-up similar to the airport, walking through a metal detector and putting your bag through a scanner.  It was so much faster!

The expo was on the smaller side and in a tent with horrible ventilation.  It felt like 1,000 degrees!  I was at the expo on the second day and already a lot of the official merchandise was sold out.  Boo.  But I did get my semi-marathon mug!

The start time was 7 a.m. and with the hotel in such close proximity to the start line, I was able to “sleep in” compared to US Disney races.  There were only 4 corrals, but within each corral they only let a few hundred runners go at a time.  I never felt crowded on the course.

The course started at the Disney Village and headed towards Walt Disney Studios.  The cast members were out in force and so enthusiastic!  I was never so glad to have my name on my bib as I heard my name being called in a French accent.  Allez Emily!!

There were several character stops but me being me, I was still a little worried about time and didn’t stop for the first few and then only stopped if the line was short.  I do regret not stopping for Marie from the Aristocats.

Soon we were exiting Walt Disney Studios and heading to Disneyland Paris!!  Running down Main Street was amazing!!  I think this castle is my favorite and seeing it in the distance brought such a huge smile to my face.


So excited!!


Leaving parks behind, we headed out into the French countryside.  I didn’t take any pictures, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Even though I wasn’t strictly doing Whole30 anymore, I had stuck with raisins as my fuel and I was so excited when I realized the aid stations were stalked with apples!!




We ran around a lake as we started back towards Disneyland Paris.  We entered the property near the Santa Fe Hotel and ran through the hotels, Disney Village and then the finish line!  Mickey and friends were waiting in their track suits to greet us.


Kilometers!!  I figured 12K was close to my “normal” 7 mile pic!


I knew heading into it this was going to be a fun race, as all my Disney races are, but I am happy to say this was a Disney PR for me!  I finished under 3 hours!!  Barely, but who’s counting? 🙂


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7 Responses to 2016 Paris Disneyland Half

  1. Karen :0) says:

    Awesome recap, Emily and congrats on another Half! I would LOVE to run this one day!! 🙂

  2. Jaime says:

    Everyone I follow on social media said this race was the best RunDisney event. I’m so jealous! Maybe next year. 🙂

    • Emily says:

      I really want to do it again!! I don’t know if I can swing next year, but I’m hoping maybe the year after. Got to save up points again!! Haha!

  3. Wow this is awesome! You go girl!!! I have done the Disney marathon in Orlando but I didn’t know there was one in Disneyland Paris! Officially on my bucket list now haha. I traveled to Disneyland Paris last fall, check out my photos https://courtneylivin.wordpress.com/2016/10/19/paris-in-the-fall/ Keep up the good running!!

    • Emily says:

      Thanks!! I’ll check out your photos! This was the first year for the Disneyland Paris race, but really it’s been my fave of all the Disney races I’ve done.

  4. Wow well done! Doing the half marathon is definitely on my bucket list!

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