2016 Halloweenathon 10K

In continuing with my pattern of 6 miles followed by a half, I signed up for the 10K portion of the Halloweenathon (they also offered a 5K as well as a 15K option).  It was not super far from my house, and in an area I hadn’t previously been too.  There were options for activities along the course if you so chose to participate.


Ready to go

The race took place at a golf club with the course following the cart paths.  Once around for the 5K, twice for the 10K and three times for the 15K.  Being on a golf course meant flat with some hills thrown in for fun (there was only one short but steep hill, the rest were more rolling).

Since my training had taken a nose dive, and this was actually a training race, I wasn’t expecting much.  Especially when my iPod broke that morning and I was to have no music, and would be faced with listening to the sounds around me.  (I am not one who can easily run without music – I need the motivation and more importantly, the distraction).

The race started late as they had done the kids run first and there were still kids finishing.  But the announcer did make the comment that they would rearrange the schedule next time to make sure this didn’t happen again.

Because the course was on golf paths, they let us go in waves to help with the congestion.  I forgot to turn on my watch and so ran a little bit longer than normal at the beginning before settling into my intervals.

I finished the first lap and started on the second.  Because I had forgotten to start my watch, I really didn’t have a good sense of where I was time wise.  I was feeling pretty good, however.  Which I was slightly surprised at with the lack of music.  It was definitely a nice change of pace, but probably not something I will do all the time.

The second lap was definitely much less congested.  I worried slightly about being last (even with 15Kers) but the beginning part of the course allowed me to see there were a few people behind me.  It wasn’t before long I began to catch up to the back of the pack 5Kers.

Closer and closer the finish line loomed until I was across!  With a time of 1:15:40!  Which is just off my current PR of 1:14:22.  I think that might be the next PR I focus on breaking!


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