2016 Wine & Dine Half

Last year’s Wine & Dine as an experience to say the least with the delayed start due to storms.  As I crossed the finish line I debated a re-do but was on the fence.  I am not a late night race person.  Well I’m actually not a late night person in general.  Vegas RnR I don’t mind since it starts more in the afternoon.

But a few things happened along the way.  First, it became a morning race!  Yahoo!  I realize that what made Wine & Dine unique was the nighttime aspect, but again, it really wasn’t for me.  And second, my Disney BFF Michelle’s husband Jason wanted to run it (it was his first half).  A chance to hang out with my BFF at Disney?  Yes, please!

As many times as I say I am done with challenges, I found myself signing up for Lumiere’s challenge – it was Lumiere!  I wasn’t too creative with my costumes either – recycling my Belle costume from Paris, and my Daisy costume from last year’s Wine & Dine.  Costume might be too strong of a word.  Its more of a hint of the character, rather than an elaborate costume.



Sparkle Athletic Booth is always a must-do!


I won’t bore you too much with details of the 10K course, since it is the same as the Princess course although the end was slightly different, in that we re-entered Epcot by Canada (I think?) before finishing.  And to say I found Abby!  Best part of Disney races are catching up with friends!



Running with Abby is my favorite!






I was excited for the half course, as it would be different than Princess.  They did have to modify it due to the construction at Hollywood however.  I met up with Jason and we met Mickey & Minnie while waiting.  I also ran into Kellie!



Almost go time


I loved the Animal Kingdom part of the course!  Which sadly was over before you knew it and then it was roads.  But it was different roads!



Obligatory Mile 7 pic


They had fun characters out.  I didn’t wait for any as the lines were super long.  Someday I’ll be fast enough to wait in short lines!  I did catch up with Kellie & her crew and ran with them for a bit.





The course caught back up to the Princess course as the sun started to come out.  The last several miles were brutal with the sun.

I found a short character line with Clarabelle & Horace as we were entering Epcot.




And before you know it, I was across the finish line with a new Disney PR of 2:58:42!  Granted, when you only make a few photo stops, it helps with the race time! 🙂



My new pretties!



Best race crew!!! 



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2 Responses to 2016 Wine & Dine Half

  1. Abby says:

    Love running with you, lady! So sad we missed you for the half.

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