2016 12Ks of Christmas

If its Christmastime, it must be 12Ks of Christmas time!  This has been a staple in my running career since I started running.  So of course I planned my Christmas trip back to Seattle in time to be able to run it.

If you register in time (which I did!) they offer packet pick-up the day before at Everyday Athlete.  It was super easy and I was in and out in a flash.

The race started at 9:35, which meant I could sleep in a smidge!  Woohoo!


Pre-race “footie”

Considering I hadn’t really run since Wine & Dine, I had very low expectations for this race.  They let us go in waves of a couple hundred each.  I set out and tried to get into a groove.



Smile for the camera


The course has gone through several changes over the past few years, but I really do like this last version.  There are still hills, but its Seattle, or rather, Kirkland.  Pretty hard to avoid hills altogether.  But the course has definitely been smoothed out.  A decent amount of the race now takes place along the Kirkland Cross Corridor Trail, which also means a decent amount of time spent on gravel roads.

Towards the end I was definitely feeling the effects of not having run – i.e. I was tired!  My run intervals had significantly slowed down, but I was still running.



Almost there

My favorite change to the course is the downhill to the finish line!  And finally it was in sight!  I didn’t really have a finishing kick left, but I gave it all I had.

Going into this I didn’t have high hopes, but my secret goal was under 1:35.  I came in at 1:33:52, which I was more than happy with.

So ends 2016 in races.






Post Race Treat!




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