Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part I

Blink and its May!  My grand ideas of getting caught up are quickly going by the wayside, so we’re going to do a lightening round of recaps!  Partly due to my quest for 40, partly due to motivation, and partly due to time, it may seem as if I’m going from race to race.  You would be correct in that assumption.  Here we go:

#1 ORRC 10K – this was my first race of the new year (and it was my first race of 2016).  It was a race against the snow (it started snowing just after I finished).  I like this race because you can wait in the school before it starts and there is a pancake breakfast when you finish!  Secret goal going into the race: under 1:20, actual time: 1:16:57!


Beat the snow!

#2 Race for Warmth 10K – nothing like a last minute race decision!  This was a smallish race on the Washington side of the river.  Work is generally crazy in January and add in a couple weeks of snow, so I wasn’t expecting much from this race.  Especially with a crazy hill at the end.  Secret goal going into the race: under 1:20, actual time 1:19:50 (whew, just snuck under 1:20).



#3 Chocolatathon 5K – another last minute race decision, but one that ended in lots and lots of chocolate!  And a medal!  This race took place in Cook Park, which I really should explore more!  I walked this race with Jessica so no time goals.


Mmm Chocolate!

#4 Heartbreaker 10K – not to far from my house, and another race that starts outside a school which means real bathrooms and a warm place to wait!  This is definitely a hilly course!  But still a lot of fun, especially with the finish on the track!  Secret goal going into the race: under 1:20, actual time 1:20:41 (not quite under, but not quite over 1:20).



Gotta love races that end with cookies



#5 Wurst Run 10K – how can you not love a race that bills itself as the wurst race?  This race was a bit of a drive, and involved several hills, but was great fun.  I had 9 miles on the calendar so arrived early and started exploring.  The starting point was right outside a Bavarian inspired hall which was hosting a Wurst festival later in the day!  I actually had great timing until all of a sudden I had to go the bathroom NOW!!  I made it to the start line literally seconds before the race started.  I hate being late, and prefer being super early so that was a bit difficult.  Secret goal going into the race: under 1:18 (surprised?), actual time 1:17:10.  Whew!


Stay tuned for the next episode!!


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