2017 Tink Half Marathon

AKA race #15 in my quest for 40 races in 2017.  Long story short, but when my trip to UT changed from ending on Sunday to ending on Saturday AND I saw Tink still had openings, I decided to do my own Pixie Dust Challenge and sign up for Tink (since I was doing a 10K Saturday morning in UT).  It really made me happy to sign up since I hadn’t been able to do Princess earlier in the year.


I arrived Saturday afternoon with just enough time to grab my bib and hit up the expo.  Not having a lot of time at the expo meant I didn’t spend a lot of money!  I should really do that more often!  I spent a little bit of time at the parks before retiring for the night.


Sunday morning arrived bright and early and I headed for the corrals.  Security ended up being a bit of a mess – now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the extra security, but it was a giant bottleneck.  They finally started directing us over to the other entrance, by ESPN Zone which was much quicker.


I wasn’t expecting much out of this race considering I went all out to get my PR the day before, not to mention I was in another state the day before!


I don’t remember too much about the race other than it got HOT towards the end and they had CHOCOLATE MILK afterwards!!  Tink has replaced Princess as my favorite runDisney race.  Possibly because of the chocolate milk.  And I finished with a Disney PR (probably because I didn’t stop for too many photos!) of: 2:56:19!



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