Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part III

Slowly but surely we are catching up!!  When I first decided to do 40 races in 2017, I hadn’t really thought through the dedication it would take.  I still feel as though I am going from race to race, but it keeps me motivated!!

#11 Hop Hop Half – I really wasn’t truly ready for a half, but my training plan called for 11 miles.  What’s another 2.1 after 11?  I figured I would slow down my intervals once I hit 11.  The course starts off with a short loop before passing the finish line and heading out onto a bike trail along the Columbia River.  The views were gorgeous!  It was also starting to get hot.  I held on to the 1:1 intervals for as long as possible.  Of course the Peeps at around Mile 8 helped with my energy!  Finally I was crossing the road for the last little stretch.  I backed off to 1:2 intervals.  And there it was – the finish line!  One of my favorite parts of this race is the after party, with mimosas!  Secret goal going into the race: under 3 hours, actual time 2:52:33.

#12 Top Pot 5K – This was a replacement race (another one I hadn’t done in awhile).  When I ended up in Seattle for a few weeks, I had to switch around a few races.  Fortunately Top Pot 5K was an option!  The course takes you around Green Lake and finishes with donuts!!  Top Pot donuts!!  Its been awhile since I’ve actually raced a 5K.  I hesitated slightly in my decision to actually race it.  The course was fairly crowded, but still manageable.  I came across in 38:14, which I was happy with.

#13 Cinco de Mayo – Another replacement race!  Instead of Cinco de Mayo in Portland, I was doing Cinco de Mayo in Snoqualmie.  Slightly different!  I hadn’t really paid attention to the elevation knowing it was Snoqualmie and there would be hills.  The course started off with a loop before catching up to the 8K course.  The out was a slight downhill which meant a huge uphill on the way back.  Funny how that works!  The weather was perfect, overcast with a hint of rain.  It did start sprinkling towards the end.  I was slightly worried about the time limit, but at the first turn around I saw that I wasn’t last.  I kept my place for a long time before I started picking off runners one by one, for a total of 5!  I wasn’t sure about a time goal going into it, but I was hoping for under 2:55.  I came in at 2:49:24!!  Starting to move closer towards 2:45 again!


Stay tuned for the next round!!

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