Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part IV

One of my favorite movie quotes ever “someone call IX-I-I” from Hercules and I think of it every time I see Roman numerals.

#16 Queen of the High Road 10K – I struggled a bit with including this as one of my 40 races because there was no big and it was self timed.  But on the other hand, I signed up, paid a race fee, and got a tiara at the end.  So race, right?  A very low key event with a giant hill.  But did I mention I got a tiara?


#17 Happy Girls Bend – I can honestly say I hated this race.  There were several factors that led to the hatred, and any on their own would have been fine, but it was the combination that led to disaster for me.  Let’s start with it was HOT.  So very HOT.  Second we didn’t start until 9.  If its going to be that hot, I’d much rather start earlier in the day, especially if its going to be hot.  Third, the bottlenecks at the beginning of the race (due to the mass start) and then again when the slow half’ers (me), the fast 10Kers, and the slow 5Kers all converged on the same narrow stretch of the sidewalk.  I kept yelling on your left but to no avail.  Throw in gravel roads, serious trails, ridiculous hills, and almost getting hit by a golf ball (yes a golf ball) and you have the makings of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  The views, however, were amazing!!  If I ever did this race again (which is doubtful) I would do the 10K, rather than the half.  Time?  Well it was definitely one of my slower times at 3:07:31 but I finished!!

#18 Helvatia 15K – I was excited going into this race for two reasons.  The first being the hamburger at the end and the second was the hopes of seeing my physical therapist at the race (she was doing the half while I was doing the 15K).  The race started out promising with overcast skies but no rain.  Parts of the course were the same as Heartbreaker.  I was feeling strong and briefly thought I might be able to PR.  But then came mile 7 and a torrential downpour.  It was also around that time the half course caught back up to the 15K course and when I heard my name.  It was Katie (my PT)!  Seeing her friendly face gave me a boost.   The rain kept coming down and down and down.  I struggled those last two miles.  It was so wet.  Finally it was over and I was eating my hamburger!!  Secret goal going into the race – under 2; actual time: 1:59:42.  Whew!


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