2017 Seattle Rock’n’Roll Half

Seattle Rock’n’Roll has become somewhat of a tradition since I left Seattle.  It is approximately 6 months from Christmas, which means it is about time for my 6 month dentist appointment.  Two birds, one trip to Seattle.  Oh, and Father’s Day.  Totally because it takes place on Father’s Day weekend.  Three birds, one trip to Seattle!  Fingers crossed they don’t change the date!

When I originally signed up, the event was still on a Saturday and only Saturday.  Lo and behold the half (and full) were moved to Sunday.  In the back of my mind, I wondered if this meant a 5K was coming on Saturday but somehow I missed the announcement that there actually was going to be a 5K!  Fortunately it did catch my eye they had added a 5K in time to sign up.


I was at the tail end of a cold and so didn’t expect too much at the 5K.  It was an out and back starting at the Museum of Flight.  The course wasn’t anything to much to write home about except it was a very large street and no crowding to speak of.  My plan honestly was just to get through the race.  However as I started out, I felt okay.  In my opinion, racing a 5K is super hard because you push so hard due to the short distance!  I kept up my 1:1 intervals and came across the line at 37:07 which isn’t too far off my PR.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Might be time to focus on a 5K PR!


My dad kindly offered to drop me off Sunday morning for the half.  The starting time had been bumped up and I had bad memories of parking last year.  I had purchased the pre-race VIP package, which did include parking, but it required being parked and on the shuttle bus by 4:30.  I gladly took my dad up on his offer and got a little bit more sleep.


The course had changed this year and was a point to point from Husky Stadium to Century Link.  Or as I like to say from the Huskies to the Seahawks!  Could this course be any more perfect?!  It is still Seattle which means there were HILLS but its Seattle.

Buying the VIP package meant a private gear check, using Husky Stadium bathrooms, and my fave – a view down to the field!  Oh yeah, a place to sit and breakfast offerings.  I was sold with the real bathroom.


I jumped into my corral and we were off.  Through the arboretum, along Lake Washington, Rainier Ave S, Dearborn, and then Century Link was in sight!!

As I was still getting over the cold, I didn’t push too much and was ecstatic to come across the finish line in 2:56:02.  Any time I come in under 3, I’m a happy camper!!


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