Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part V

#21 Red, White, & Blues 10K – HILLS!  That is all I really have to say about this race.  Oh, except I did it with Heather (whom I met through runDisney).  I have a running friend in Portland!  I mention this because making friends is hard for me, always has been.  And it seems to me making friends in Portland has been even harder.  I was super excited when I found out Heather was running.  In the end we were matchy matchy without coordinating beforehand!  And there was a hot dog and chocolate milk at the end.


#22 Freedomathon 5K – Guess what?  There are two Beaverton City Libraries.  Want to know how I know?  When we typed in Beaverton City Library into the GPS, it took us to a different one than where the race was!  Oh snap.  Good thing we left early and the other location wasn’t too far away.  Jokingly I asked Jessica (who for sure is a running friend in Portland, but she was my friend before Portland) what her 5K PR was before the race.  Spoiler alert – she totally PR’d this race!  The course was nice and flat and they had a race within a race – the last mile was timed.  My goal going into it was to make the last mile the fastest.  Somehow I ended up in charge of the intervals and I tried to push without over-pushing.  Which is super hard.  The first mile went by decently fast, the second definitely slower and we took an extra walk break right before the start of the third mile.  The last mile felt as if it was super long but we kept pushing.  Not only was the third mile the fastest, but Jessica did PR!!  And there was a pancake breakfast after!!

#23 Twilight 10K – HOT!!  Oh boy was this a hot one.  Jessica, Heather, and I all signed up for this one.  And as the name suggests it is a night race.  Night races are not my favorite.  The course is flat and takes place mainly on a bike / running trail.  The first stretch is on the road and allows everyone to thin out to their respective pace before turning onto the bike / running path.  The heat made this a struggle of a race.  But finally we were finished!!  And in line for tamales and cookies!!


#24 Summer Half Classic – what happens when you 1) need a race and 2) have 10 miles on your training calendar?  If you are me, you sign up for a half of course.  Isn’t that what a normal person would do?  Ha!   My motto is a long run is much better if there are spectators, water stops and a medal.  Plus what’s another 5K after 10 miles?  It was definitely a small race and I did have a few slight worries about being last.  But there was a four hour time limit.  Whew.  It was definitely warm to start the race.  It was a fairly flat course, and not closed.  But there was not a lot of traffic, and it was well marked.  The scenery was a lot of farm land.  The first several miles were into the wind and I was so happy when we turned and it became a crosswind.  I couldn’t tell which was worse until I turned back into the wind.  Definitely the headwind was worse.  I kept thinking once we started heading back to the finish the tailwind would be amazing.  It wasn’t.  I hit mile 10 and dropped my intervals down to :45 / 1:15 ish and gradually kept dropping until by mile 12 I was doing :30 / 1:30.  I was so happy to see the finish!  And I finished with 2:53:28 on the clock.  Yes!!


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