Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part VI

Guess what!?  As of this blog post, I will be caught up!  For this minute, anyway.

#25 Summer Half – I may be the only crazy to use half marathons to train for half marathons…  What am I training for?  Besides more races?  This training cycle is leading up to the Bridge of the Gods Half.  Anyway, this week’s long run was curtesy of the Summer Half (not to be confused with the Summer Half Classic which was totally last week).  This one took place along the Banks Vernonia Trail.  It was a point to point, finishing in Banks.  I attempted to park close to the finish, but the designated parking lots were already full!  Fortunately I found street parking and hopped on the bus up to the start.  The course was advertised as downhill for several miles.  Well, it was definitely downhill for the first mile, but then the downhill was hardly noticeable.  The first part of the trail was also very shady!  I was doing well up until about mile 10 and then the heat got to me.  I kept up my intervals until about mile 11 and then slowed it down to :45 / 1:15 ish.  The last mile was pure struggle but finally the finish line was in sight!  I crossed in 2:47:32!!


#26 Beaverton Sun Run – When I originally signed up for this race, I completely forgot I was doing a half the day before (which is why I signed up for the 10K rather than the 5K).  Throw in the fact it was down the street from my house and I’m chasing this goal of 40 races in 2017, and it had to happen.  It was a smaller race, and a good portion of it took place on the Fanno Creek Trail, which I’ve been meaning to check out.  My legs were shot.  It was a definite struggle, however the course was decorated with a lot of chalk drawings which was fun to see.  I definitely was in the running for last place, but was able to chase down a few people to pull myself out of last.  Whew.  The trail was nice and wide and I’m excited to explore it later (when I’m not going from race to race).  Even with my legs not feeling it, I managed to finish in 1:22:31, which I definitely won’t complain about.

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