Lightening Round of Races 2017 Part VIII

Oooooh boy!  We are heading in to the home stretch!  If you have stayed with me this long, thanks so much.  As a recap, I decided to celebrate my 40th birthday by running 40 races!  And without further ado, let’s commence with Round VIII!

#31 Hero Up 5K – Last year this was my surprise half PR.  This year I did the 5K version.  The 5K is mostly contained within Cook Park and avoids the evil hill that is the Ladybug 10K.  A lot of people do dress up for this race and it was great to see all the costumes!  Since I had a half the next day, I took this one easy and enjoyed being out in the sun.  And I wore a cape.  Races are definitely way more fun with a cape.


#32 Wine Country Half & Relay – In some ways I’m not sure how this happened, and in others, this is definitely par for the course.  There were two options with this race – either run the half, or run the half as a relay team.  My plan going into it was to run the half, but when I realized I could talk Jessica into the relay portion I had a dilemma.  Which was easily solved when I emailed the race director to ask if I could do the first half as part of the relay team and then do the second half as well.  They were great and worked with me to make that happen.  The race started at a winery and finished at a street fair.  In between were gorgeous views of vineyards and a wine stop!  It was a really fun race!

#33 Bridge of the Goddess 10K – I hadn’t planned on doing this race since I had done Bridge of the Gods earlier in the year.  But when the Eagle Creek wildfire caused the race to move to Vancouver (which meant a 30 minute drive as opposed to an hour), I decided to sign up for the 10K at the last-minute.  The route was very similar to other Vancouver races I have done (along the Columbia) and the after party was great.  The whole race was really well-organized, especially considering they had changed venues earlier in the week due to the fire.  I finished just as the half winner finished which meant I got a lot of cheers.  Oh wait, maybe they were for the half winner. But I still used the cheers for motivation!


#34 Country Girl Half – This was another race I hadn’t planned on doing, but when my weekend plans changed I took advantage of this race as a training race for the upcoming Portland Half.  It was the same course as the Hop Hop Half, which was good and bad.  The views along the Columbia were amazing as always.  It started to get hot towards the end and I was glad when it was over.  Oh, and there were mimosas at the end.  Score!

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