Lightening Round of Races X

HERE WE GO!!  This is the FINAL lightening round!  Can you believe it?  I will say having this goal allowed me to find some joy in the number 40 rather than dread.  Age is just a number right?  My final race(s) ended up all being holiday themed, and for December that makes sense.

#40 Santa Hustle 5K – I was going to be in Chicago for work and out of habit looked to see if there was a race happening, which there was!  The Santa Hustle started and finished at Solider Field (outside, not inside).  A former co-worker lives in Chicago and I convinced her to run, with the giant caveat that since this was Chicago and December that this was completely weather dependent.  It ended up being a beautiful day!  And fun to see all the Santa’s hustling!


#41 Holiday 5K – I find it hilarious that the race in North Portland was colder than the race in Chicago!  This is a fun 5K with carolers along the way and a cookie stop!


#42 12Ks of Christmas – One of my favorite races!  I’m always glad when it works out that I can make it back to Seattle for this race.  The course has had a lot of changes over the years, but I like this version of it.  While there are hills, it is much more flattened out, and the hill at the end is DOWN hill, not up hill.  My one complaint about this race (that continues to be a complaint – you’d think they would learn) is often they run out of water.  There was water at the first stop, but none at the second.  Wah wah.  Even with the water issues, this is still one of my favorite races.


And there you go!!  40 races in 2017.   I might need a nap now!

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