2018 Reykjavik

Hello out there!  When last we spoke, I was recovering from a car accident.  Turns out I suffered a concussion in the accident.  It was a minor concussion but it is definitely taking its time to heal.  Now everywhere I turn I feel like I hear concussion and see people dealing with the after effects.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I just got back from a week-long trip to Iceland.  Iceland seems to be the new hot (pun intended) place to go so we decided to jump on the bandwagon.  Leading up to the trip I kept a close eye on the weather as Iceland had descended back into what I saw called a second winter.  Oh joy.  Fortunately the closer it got, the temps increased, although the forecast was showing rain and a lot of it.

We arrived Friday afternoon and picked up our rental car and drove into the city.  We were staying at Fosshotel Raudara.  The location ended up being great – not too far from the “city center”.


Our room at Fosshotel Raudara

We walked up to the church and experienced our first taste of the wind.  Iceland is very windy – who knew?  The church, Hallsgrimkirkje, was magnificent, and sadly closed for a special event.  We were still able to admire the outside.


Jessica and I were pretty worn out from jetlag and so we ate at Kol, not too far from the church and tried langoustine which is technically lobster, but I think its more of a cross between lobster and shrimp.  We also got our first taste of how expensive Iceland is!

After that, it was back to the hotel where we pulled all the shades to attempt to block out the very present daylight (it didn’t really get dark until after 11 pm).

The next morning we started off the day with a visit to Sandholt Bakery for breakfast.  We got it to go as we had reservations at the Blue Lagoon, but it was still delicious.

The Blue Lagoon is a little under an hour from where we were in Reykjavik.  It was about 3 degrees Celsius, but the water was so warm, with some pockets way warmer than others.  And so blue!


Blue Lagoon

While definitely a tourist destination, the Blue Lagoon was pretty amazing.  We bought the premium entrance, which included a towel and bathrobe to use and plastic flip flops.  It also included 1 free drink along with an extra algae face mask (the silica mask is complementary for everyone).  I also had a 30 minute water massage.  There is a private, roped off area for massages.  You lay down on a yoga mat (in the water), with warm wet blankets and float around while getting a massage.  It was a fun experience.


Silica Mask at Blue Lagoon

We walked around afterwards, with the wind and rain really picking up (which you can see from the picture!).


So windy!!

Back to Reykjavik we went.  By now we were starving!  We walked back up towards the church and had lunch of plokkfiskur (basically clam chowder on a slice of rye bread) at Café Loki (which is facing the church).



After lunch we explored the church.  You can take an elevator up to the top of the church for a beautiful view of the city.


View from church

We then headed towards the flea market, wandering around and looking at all the treasures.  Right outside the flea market was a hot dog stand, so of course we had to have a hot dog!


First hot dog in Iceland

Nilufer  had been to Iceland a few years before and so it became the goal for every day to do at least one thing she hadn’t done previously.  For today, it was a walk along the harbor to see the Sun Voyager sculpture.


Sun Voyager

We spent the rest of our time in Reykjavik wandering, window shopping, and actually shopping.  As we started towards the hotel, it was actually starting to get dark and we were treated with a view of the church lit up!


Finally getting dark!

Our morning consisted of another visit to Sandholt, but we were able to sit down and enjoy our breakfast before saying goodbye to Reykjavik.  They even make their own soda!!  I had to try the apple rhubarb soda.  It was delicious!!

Stay tuned for more Iceland installments!

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