2018 Hnappavellir to Vik

In case you missed the first two installments of my trip to Iceland you can get caught up here: Reykjavik and our drive out to Hnappavellir.

We literally grabbed breakfast at the little grab and go at the hotel (as there was not much around the area) before driving out to Jokulsarlon, the glacier lagoon.  We had tickets for a boat cruise around the lagoon on an amphibious vehicle.

20180521_104700 - Copy

The tour took us through the lagoon, where we got to hear more about the glacier (and how its receding) and got to taste the “1,000 year old ice”.  We also learned that the blue icebergs are those that flipped over recently.

20180521_110510 - Copy

After the tour, we drove across the road to the “Diamond Beach” where icebergs crash up on the beach.  You never know how many will be on the beach and while we didn’t get huge icebergs but we did get a lot of small pieces.  The sun was hiding so the diamonds (or pieces of icebergs) didn’t quite sparkle but it was fun to walk among the pieces.


Jokulsarlon was the farthest east we travelled and leaving the Diamond Beach we began our westward trek back to Reykjavik.  We weren’t finished with glaciers.  About 15 minutes down the road was Fjallsarlon, another glacier lagoon.  It was smaller than Jokulsarlon, but still magnificent!  We had lunch at the restaurant.  It also where we learned that to use the bathroom is generally 200 krona (approximately $2).  Now I really don’t have a problem with paying to use a bathroom, however in Iceland, you could only use 100 krona coins.  Not 50, not 10, not 5 but 100.  We also learned if there was a store, it was better to spend 200 krona on a snack or water and use the bathroom for “free”.

20180521_131354 - Copy

The next stop was Skaftafell, a national park.  We began a hike to Svartifoss.  The hike was labeled as “easy”.  I would hate so see a “difficult” hike!  It was up and up and up.  And then down.  But the waterfall was beautiful!  The water cascaded over hexagonal basalt columns.  (Spoiler alert – our next few stops all featured hexagonal basalt columns).

20180521_155703 - Copy


We were in need of a snack after the hike and stopped at food truck near the visitor’s center for lobster (aka langoustine) soup.

20180521_164230 - Copy

Next up was Dverghamrar (“Dwarf Cliffs”), so called because dwarves apparently live in amongst the rocks.  The cliffs are made of basalt columns and were fun to climb on and around.

20180521_180127 - Copy

Not too much further down the road was Kirkjugolf, or Church Floor, so called because they look like a tiled church floor!

It was getting late, but we had one more stop.  Sadly the walking paths within Fjaðrárgljúfur (a beautiful canyon) were closed.  Wah.  We were able to gaze upon the opening and imagine walking through the canyon.


Our last and final stop for the day was our hotel in Vik.  Stay tuned for more Iceland fun!

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2 Responses to 2018 Hnappavellir to Vik

  1. The Ice beach is really impressive. We’ve also been to the Skaftafell waterfall – and for me this hiking, let’s say it like that, I wasn’t in my comfort zone 😉

    Thanks for the lovely post, and the throwback for me – to my last time in Iceland

    Lots of Love

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