2018 Vik to Hella

This was a Hella day!!  Weather-wise it was the worst of the trip.  Prior to today, the weather hadn’t been fantastic, but it hadn’t been downright awful.  Welcome to downright awful.  We had been warned that there was a storm coming with high-wind warnings.  Its one thing to read about high wind and another to be standing in it.

We grabbed breakfast at the bakery across the street from the hotel before heading up to the church on the hill to take a few pictures.


We drove over to Reynisfjara, a black sand (lava!) beach with more basalt columns!!  Of course with the wind, the black sand kept hitting me in the face!  It was ruggedly beautiful but OH SO WINDY!!


While we could see our next stop, Dyrholaey, in the distance, we had to drive around to get there.  Dyrolaey is a giant rock arch formation, where you could see puffins!  I’ll blame the weather for the fact we could only see puffins in the distance.   The road to the lower parking wasn’t too bad.  And there was a (pay) bathroom!  Even better, the bathroom took credit cards!  Yes!

The road up to the lighthouse (and the amazing view) was gravel with giant potholes and giant rocks.  We took it nice and slow.  Finally we made it to the parking lot and fought the wind to get out and admire the view and the lighthouse!


Our next stop was the remains of a Navy DC plane.  It ran out of gas and crash landed on the beach back in the 1970’s and has remained there ever since.  Its about a 4KM walk out to the plane, which on a nice day wouldn’t be bad, however we had winds and rains.  The walk out to the plane was brutal!!!  But we made it!


The road that never ended


The walk to the plane and back was so exhausting that we ended up cutting our day slightly short.



Still smiling (barely!)


We did the shortest stop at Skogafoss possible because we were so wet and tired and decided to do Seljalandsfoss the next day.


We stopped at Gamla fjósið, or the Old Cowhouse for lunch / dinner. It was a cute restaurant (in what used to be a barn) attached to a farm. We had the most delicious burgers! It may also be because I was starving and freezing!

After eating we were feeling much better and finally arrived in Hella at our hotel, aptly named Hotel Hella.

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