2018 Hella to Laugarvatn

Isn’t this how life goes?  I get back from a trip and I’m gung ho to write up my trip and then life sets in and all of a sudden a couple months go by!  If you want to catch up, check out the posts from earlier in the trip:

We woke up to sunshine!!  After the horrible weather the day before, the sunshine was a lovely sight!  We backtracked to Seljalandsfoss (we skipped it the day before due to being drowned rats).  You could walk behind the waterfall (cue the Jungle Cruise 8th wonder of the world quote – the backside of water!).  While it may not have been raining, there was a lot of mist and spray from the waterfall.

From there, we walked further down to the hidden waterfall, Gljufrabui.  Its hidden inside the canyon.  Since I didn’t want to get soaked, I peeked around the corner, keeping my feet dry.


We got back on the road and drove towards our next stop, lunch!!  Our plan was to stop at Fridheimar, a greenhouse that grows tomatoes all year round.  The café has a menu full of tomatoes, including tomato ice cream!!  Oh you know I had some!  I had the tomato soup and bread, along with a fun tomato drink and the tomato ice cream.  Guess what?  I actually am not a huge fan of tomatoes, by themselves anyway.  I think it has to do with the texture because if they are cut up, I have no problem eating tomatoes.   It was all so delicious!

After that delicious lunch, it was back in the car to our next stop.  Another waterfall!!   Gullfoss was next up and the spray from the waterfall made it seem like the rain had started again!  But it was beautiful to see.

Next stop was the Geysir Hot Spring area.  It was so hot!  And the smell!   One was active every 10 to 15 minutes or so and we were able to see it go off twice.


Our next stop was another waterfall!  The pictures I had seen of Bruarfoss were amazing with beautiful turquoise water.  We got to the turn off and guess what?  There was a sign directing us to a parking lot 2 kilometers down the road.  Our short hike to the waterfall turned into a long hike.  Fortunately it wasn’t raining!

The trail was in bad shape, I’m guessing due to all the rain.  I had a couple close calls but managed to keep my balance and not fall!

Finally we made it to the first drop!


And then the main event!

We decided that since the way there was so treacherous, we would walk back along the road.  We may have walked on a private road, but not having to battle the brush and the mud was worth it.  I think the hike would have been much better had it not been so muddy.

After this adventure, it was time for the stop I had been waiting for all day!!  ICE CREAM!!  I had read about this farm and their ice cream and wouldn’t you know, it was just a few kilometers down the road from the parking lot.


Wow, this was a long day!  Fortunately our hotel was not much further.  We finished off the day at the Laugarvatn Fontana Spa (which was across the street from our hotel).  Soaking in the thermal pools was amazing!  I also braved the sauna!

Stay tuned for the rest of the trip!

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