2018 London

The best part about our guesthouse was the delicious breakfast!  Since we had an early flight, the owner stocked our fridge with all sorts of yummy breakfast, including Skyr (Icelandic yogurt).

20180525_064902 - Copy

We had one last stop to make before leaving Iceland.  The Bridge Between Continents!  Now I can say I have officially been on two continents at the same time.  It is a bridge out in the middle of nowhere, built over a fissure.

20180525_081917 - Copy

It was on the plane to London that I realized I had never mailed my postcards.  I was slightly distraught but then decided to mail them from London (which meant getting a UK stamp).  I really do love sending postcards so I was extremely happy to hear that they made it to their homes after the near miss.

20180525_121538 - Copy

Sad selfie when I realized I still had postcards

London is one of my favorite places to go!  We would only have a few hours in London and decided to chase colors.  Our first stop was Peggy Porschen – an absolutely gorgeous cake store.  Its pink!!  And is decorated in all sorts of lovely flowers.  The desserts were delicious as well.

20180525_185223 - Copy20180525_185018 - Copy20180525_182621 - Copy20180525_182418 - Copy

From there we made our way over Covent Gardens to explore more color, winding in and out of narrow streets.


And just like that it was time to head back home.

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1 Response to 2018 London

  1. Arielle Tuan says:

    This post makes me miss London so much- I’m finally writing the last of my Europe trip report blogs, and I keep kicking myself for not visiting Peggy Porschen or Covent Gardens! You got wonderful photos- both places look so colorful and beautiful! Thank you for sharing- I can’t wait to visit London again!

    Arielle- littledismaid.com

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