I was born and raised in Seattle, spent a few years in Houston (and 6 months in London), before finding myself back in Seattle.  Until I found myself moving to St Louis in what I call my midwest adventure.  I am a coffee addict and I love pizza margherita.  I had been a fairly non-athletic person most of my life until a former co-worker convinced me to try sprint distance triathlons and I found my sport!  I’m normally a short distance, back of the pack, age-grouper but recently have attempted to become a runner.  I love the thrill of a race morning, not to mention the bling!  When I’m not training, I’m either working, reading, travelling, or taking photos.  I’m a basketball, football, and futbol fan and love cheering on my University of Washington Huskies (Go Dawgs!) and my Duke Blue Devils.  I’m an introvert who watches too much TV and will do just about anything for M&Ms!  I love to complain, tend to be overly dramatic and I never, ever, ever exaggerate – ever!

This blog chronicles my travels, training, races, and other adventures and misadventures.


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