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August Break 2014

Last year I participated in Susannah Conway’s  August Break project.  Once again its coming at a great time.  One word prompts to help see the details in the world around you.  As life is seemingly more chaotic lately, it was nice … Continue reading

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Life in Pictures

Work has been slightly chaotic for a variety of reasons, including the mini “heat” wave we’ve had (while it isn’t super hot outside, the A/C hasn’t been working so well so the office has been getting miserably  hot in the … Continue reading

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More Seattle RnR in Pictures

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I Love!

Who knew all I needed to fully accept my phone was!?  I’ll be the first to admit I have been very slow to accept my phone.  Yes, it had cool features, but it wasn’t my Blackberry.  I missed my … Continue reading

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Travel List Challenge

Have I mentioned I like lists?  Well, I do.  A lot!  Lists are even better when they have to do with travel!!  So here’s my take on the Travel List Challenge (one of the many list challenges that are floating … Continue reading

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Paris: The Picture Edition

I’m sorting through the many, many Paris photos.  And while I took what seems like a billion photos, I still feel like there are shots I missed or didn’t quite turn out the way I envisioned when I took the … Continue reading

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My New Toy

I have been wanting a fancy camera for years now!  (See 31 Things, 32 Things, 33 Things, 34 Things, and even my Life List.)  But I was intimidated by all the choices out there.  That and I can be a … Continue reading

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