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Reflections on Forest Park

This morning I set off on my run.  As usual, I walked the first mile and ran the second.  Once again, there was a 10 in front of fully ran mile.  This time it was 10:24!!  I was toast after … Continue reading

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The Great Forest Park Balloon Race

I’m always game for great photo ops!  At heart, I’m a wannabe photographer.  So when I heard about the Great Forest Park Balloon Race, I knew I had to go!!  A field of hot air balloons, literally across the street? … Continue reading

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Weekly Training Review

Just as it looks like spring has sprung, tomorrow’s forecast calls for snow.  Yes, snow.  I’m hoping they are lying.  Or at least mistaken.  Or reading off the weather of another city that isn’t St. Louis.  We shall see tomorrow. … Continue reading

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2014 Frostbite Series 20K

Lately I am just a big ball of negativity that’s trying not to be negative and find some positive in life.  I’m generally a happy person by nature and I really do try to live by the “I’d rather laugh … Continue reading

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2014 Frostbite Series Half

Hello out there!!  January is normally a bad month for me, and while I don’t want to go on record for saying its the worst January ever, it’s probably pretty close.  I’m going with the if you don’t have something … Continue reading

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Wish I Was Wednesday #54

Hallelujah!!!  It’s actually Wednesday, as in just turned Wednesday and will be Wednesday all day long.  I have been suffering under the misapprehension that it has been Wednesday all day long and now its as if I got a whole … Continue reading

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Weekly Training Review

Alright then, let’s just skip straight to the fact I didn’t do anything this week.  Until the weekend and then I tried to make up for lost time!  This was supposed to be the week I started running in the … Continue reading

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